C O P Y R I G H T E D   M A T E R I A L
A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D

From Chapter 14 - Forces Beyond Rules . . .

       The soul’s desire for spiritual lessons is a powerful force far beyond our understanding and any earthly rules. It is our only purpose for incarnating. We come to the earth plane as students, learning as our soul progresses on its chosen path . . .

       Julie had been told her case was hopeless. She wanted to see me for an energy treatment to ensure that a planned medical procedure would go well. Her doctor in Hawaii was sending her to a large medical center in New York. There she would have a small pump inserted into her liver. After she returned to Hawaii, drugs would be put into the pump to introduce them into her liver. These drugs would circulate through her liver and then throughout her body. She interrupted her flight from Hawaii to stay in the Bay area for one day so that she could have an energy treatment before flying on to her destination. Because of these unusual circumstances, I agreed to see her on a day when I didn’t have other patients scheduled.

       As soon as Julie came into the office, I saw the dark, ominous energy of approaching death around her. I hated to see those particular ghostly, gray clouds at any time since it meant the person was headed down a path of self-destruction, but it was especially disconcerting to see them gathered around someone so young. Only in her early thirties, serious illness had already taken its toll. I wondered if her inner being might be ready to change course and avoid the fatal path she had chosen.

       After my silent prayer, I ran energy, focusing on her unsuspecting liver, which had no inkling of the coming pump. After 10 minutes, her face changed from death’s ghastly, gray mask to a beautiful, rosy hue. Her eyes sparkled. She laughed, jumped up and capered around my office in wide-eyed wonderment.

       “What just happened?” she asked with amazement.

       “God has healed you,” I said.

       “I know this is going to sound crazy, but can I run up and down your driveway?”

       “Help yourself.”

       Julie ran out of the house and dashed down the long driveway. She returned, whooping and hollering. When this wasn’t enough for her exuberance, she took off running around my two-acre field. I heard her shouts from the house. Luckily, Pescadero was out in the country so there weren’t any close neighbors to wonder what was going on.

       After several laps, Julie stopped. Never tiring of God’s miracles, I was as excited and delighted as she was. Then I voiced my thoughts, “How wonderful, Julie. You can just turn around now and head back home to Hawaii where I see a long, healthy life ahead of you.”

       Julie frowned, “But I promised the doctors in New York that I’d let them put the pump in. I don’t know what my doctor at home would say if I came back without it. It wouldn’t feel right to just go home. I mean . . . after all . . . I’ve got to keep my word to my doctors.”

       “Well, for your own sake, you’d better make an exception this one time. I hate to say it, but you’re crazy if you go through with this pump procedure.”

       Julie bit her lower lip and said, “I’m sorry you feel that way but the hospital paid for my flight to New York. I think it’s some kind of experimental surgery. And it’s just that . . . well, I just don’t think it would be right not to show up now after I said I would. Besides, you said I’m healed. God’s not going to take that away from me.”

       “No, you’re right. God won’t. But you can take it away from yourself by not listening to what I’m telling you.” We argued back and forth until she left saying that she’d think about it. I was saddened to see in her energy that this pump implant was a done deal.

       Julie stopped by again on her way back from New York to Hawaii. She pulled up her blouse enough to show me the small tube protruding from her liver. It had been folded over and taped to her stomach. The drugs would be put into the pump by shooting them through this tube. For me it was—and still is—eerie to see anything not “of” the body made a part of the body. (In my opinion, always a disaster in the making.)

       Julie said the doctors in New York hadn’t put the drugs into the pump. She was carrying a carefully packed flask, which held the mystery drugs. Her doctor would administer these when she got back to Hawaii. In a flash of light, the Power revealed a vivid picture of Julie’s grim future if she went through with this procedure. Knowing I had this one last chance to convince her not to go through with it, I said, “I’m glad you stopped by. I’m sure the pump is an amazing piece of modern technology, but how are you feeling?”

       “Oh golly . . . never better. I feel like I’m bursting with energy, and I’m so happy. I feel like I love the whole world and the whole world loves me,” she said, beaming happily.

       “Julie, don’t you want to keep that wonderful feeling?” I said gently.

       “Of course. But nothing’s ever going to make me feel anything but wonderful again.” Certainty radiated from her smiling face.

       Again I felt the pain of her bleak future if she started the drugs. My heart hurt when I saw the possibility of her life—now brimming with joy and vitality—fading away. My mouth went dry. I paused before I spoke, praying for the right words. “Julie, I want you to listen very carefully to the words I’m about to say to you. The Power has told me that within a minute of the drugs entering your liver, you will feel far worse than you have ever felt in your life. What you felt before can’t begin to compare with the pain you will suffer. The angels say that you will call me after it’s done. You will speak these words: ‘Oh God, what have I done? God gave me the gift of healing and I turned my back on His gift.’ Please, Julie, think about the magnificent gift of health that is yours . . . right here . . . right now. Don’t throw it away by putting those drugs into the pump.”

       She pursed her lips and gave me a don’t-rain-on-my-parade look. She laughed nervously and said she had to leave for the airport. Then she smiled and took my hand in both of hers, “Don’t worry, Doctor Jim. I know I’ll never be sick again, no matter what. Thank you for your help and God’s healing.” After she left, there was nothing more I could do except pray for her.

       Two days later, Julie called me from the hospital in Hawaii just before the drugs were to be administered. She said, “I’m sorry that I have to go with the drugs.” I replied, “I’m sorry too. Good luck with your choice.” Then we hung up. I will always remain mystified as to why she made that last minute call. Was it to hear another plea not to do it? I was all out of pleas. Was it to get my blessing on the procedure? That was one thing I couldn’t give.

       When the phone rang ten minutes later, I knew it was Julie before I ever picked up the phone and heard her voice. She sobbed, “Oh God, what have I done? God gave me the gift of healing and I turned my back on His gift.” It was word for word as the Power had given. She moaned and asked, “How could I have been so stupid? How could I have thrown away my healing? Why didn’t I see my wonderful health was a gift from God and it was my job to keep it? Why couldn’t I have just come home and lived the long, healthy life that you saw for me?”

       I responded gently, “Don’t worry, Julie. Karma had its way. But all things come together for good and out of this will come the highest good for your soul. I’ve been told you won’t suffer much longer.”

       She asked softly, “Can you pray for me so that my passing will be easy and soon?”

       “Of course,” I answered. And I did. And it was.

       What do any of us know about life and its purpose? We muddle our way through life until we have an experience that shocks us out of our unconscious state. Maybe we change our ways and maybe we don’t—that decision is directed by our soul.