C O P Y R I G H T E D   M A T E R I A L
A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D

From Chapter 2 - California Dreams . . .

       Even as a young child, I asked questions, usually ones my friends and family didn’t want to answer, or even discuss. I wanted to know: Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here? What will happen after we leave this earth plane? What final destiny is in store for us? Why was I attracted to some people, but disliked others as soon as I met them? What were the energy bubbles that I felt and saw around people? Why were some people so disturbing that I had to avoid them, even if others liked them? Questions like these consumed my waking thoughts.

       In grammar school, I was shocked to see how disloyal people could be in their affections for one another. I could hear their thoughts and feel their emotions; they said one thing, but their energy bubble expressed something completely different. Since I didn’t know any other way of being, I thought all children had the same abilities that I had. I was disappointed to discover no one knew what I was talking about when I spoke of the energies I saw and felt.

       A childhood of always being “right” through intuition made it difficult to fit in with my peers or to have many friends. In short, I became a loner when I discovered that what others thought and what they said and did were two different things. Although professing true-to-the-ends-of-time friendship, my friends could change sides in seconds. Their word meant nothing. Now, I know they meant what they said at the time, but it disturbed me that friendship could be so easily betrayed. When I saw the inner motives of my school chums, I knew it would be a long time before I understood the intricacies of getting along in the world.

       Once I saw how often my fellow students lied in grammar school, I too learned to pass as a member of this club when needed. Lying was like a true art form. My chums and I learned to tell whoppers with such a perfectly straight face that we appeared completely innocent to adults. However, other kids could see through the charade and were usually eager to give the game away.

       Finally, I realized that I could only trust myself and my inner knowing, my intuition. So I retreated inside myself, into the Silence. I kept mostly to myself, except for becoming the class clown. Everyone knew who I was from my antics so whenever there was trouble, all eyes turned toward me. Unfortunately, I was blamed on every occasion, not that I didn’t deserve it at times.

       In spite of my mischievous nature, three angelic beings appeared to me when I was seven. No earthly words were needed. Our communication was heart-to-heart. Their radiant beauty filled my room with shimmering rainbow light. They had come to remind me that I had returned to earth for a divine purpose. My heart opened to merge with their eternal essence . . . Love. Time and life’s every limitation dissolved. I was aware of nothing but their power and glory. For the first time, I was shown my contract to heal and teach, chosen before birth.

       When at last the Power spoke, they asked, “How much do you want to receive in this lifetime of healing and teaching?”

       With all the conviction of a child, I boldly declared, “Everything.”

       “Unwise, Dear Child. The lessons of many lifetimes would be focused into this one lifetime. Think . . . and choose again.”

       Deep within, I felt a great wave of certainty about my destiny. I felt compelled to say again, “Everything.”

       “So be it,” the angels replied.

       Then the presence of the Power enfolded me. I was embraced by a love far beyond any earthly love I had ever known. Everything about these angelic beings was completely familiar. I recognized their loving, unseen presence had always been with me, in every moment of this life, and before this life began. I knew I would be with them forever, far beyond this present life. When they withdrew, promising to return, I longed to stay in my room and hold fast to my experience. But far too soon what we think of as reality intruded with my mother’s call to dinner. And this angelic visitation became a cherished memory.