C O P Y R I G H T E D   M A T E R I A L
A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D

This article was published in The International Journal of Healing and Caring On Line - Volume 6, No. 1, January 2006

A Healer's Journey
       by J. C. Hugh MacKimmie

       Presence of Angels: A Healer’s Life took five years to complete. Using my past writings and journal notes, I focused over 50 years of healing into one book with the help of my wife and editor. To my surprise, the book seems to carry a healing energy of its own. I have had reports from people who use it to heal their body by laying it on problem areas or find that its presence helps them sleep. (The latter I can understand, since some books can be boring and put one to sleep quite nicely.)

       My own healing and intuitive gifts were inherited from my great-grandfather in Scotland. During my life, it has been my privilege to work on a very real and intimate level with angelic beings from the healing realms, whom I call the Power. It was through their teachings that I learned how miracles function as a natural part of the Creator’s plan for us. The Creator holds the miracle cards close and unseen until they are put down on the table; then presto, life is renewed. With the Power doing the healing, I am just present in the room and that makes it very comfortable, nothing to do but flow the energy. I recall a Burmese priest who cured drug addicts; his only treatment was flowing love to these people with the expectation that they would stop taking drugs, amazingly they did.

       Healing is a mystifying calling, at least to me. At times in my life of healing, I have found myself puzzled about what I see as strange activities on the part of my patients. Why? Because I have seen some patients go back to the old bad habits that caused their terrible health problems in the first place. My wife sometimes asks how I ever held up doing the healing work without banging my head against the wall in frustration. Well, I admit I’ve had a few lumps from that very procedure.

       Although I try never to get down, I sometimes feel like a teacher at driving school who works really hard instructing students how to drive safely, and then has to watch as some students solo their cars right into a ditch. At times this has been a confusing venture for me. In life, most of us are content to coast along, doing almost nothing for our well-being until we are faced with health challenges. If we wisely wake up during the period of fervent change that exists while we are trying to reclaim our fading health, we may squeak through once again, grateful for the epiphany. Fortunately for my sanity, the majority of people want to be well and are willing to make the changes that bring better health. Through it all, dealing with those who want to change and those who do not, I’ve had fun and loved every moment of my healing life.

       Healing is a great mystery. Most healers are puzzled by healing and their attempts to increase its flow and to be more open. In my case, healing has always been an addiction. I simply have to heal, am driven to it. In a lifetime of healing, I tried everything known to increase the flow of energy but kept on coming back to what was normal and comfortable: letting the energy of the Power flow through me. My own teacher, an awesome healer whom I met in the early 1950s, always found places in the body where energy couldn’t flow normally. Once he cleared the energetic traffic jam, the normal flow resumed and healing followed. Seems simple enough: remove all that blocks the flow of the Creator’s divine healing energy and health returns.

       What do I know after all this time? Not much! Healing continues, but this healer is still scratching his head as to why, how, who, etc. Such are the musings from a scattered healer of some slight importance to those I have helped. Along the way, I found it helps for patients to apologize to their faithful companion, the body, and ask its forgiveness for treating it so poorly. Knowing as I do that the body can heal anything, I encourage people to talk to their bodies, telling the body how much they love and appreciate its faithful service. I ask people if they are ready for a life free from pain. Then I counsel them to prepare an area in their life for a new energy pattern. As they have entertained sickness and pain for so long, now they must prepare for a new guest in their life, a guest called good health.

       I used to flow energy to the sun, moon, trees, everything and anything to see what would happen, learning as I went along. I’ve had a few patients who could “see” the healing flow as I ran energy, one described it as shimmering rainbow colors in brilliant diamond dust clusters. How much better, I thought, if I could see the healing flow, but our old friend the Ego might take off on that one. Luckily for all of us, viewing life and people with a sense of humor lightens the load.

       Knowing it is not me doing the work really helps. It lets me off the hook and the Power assumes all responsibility for what happens. I am the Observer of the Power at work. You would think some sage advice would come forth about all this; however, "back to work" followed by laughter is what I hear from my angelic companions. One day I plan to have a nice, long chat with the angelic beings behind the healing so that I can laugh with them.

       Whether a focus on the intent to heal is a key or not is a moot point. Should one stay in neutral? Does seeing the person well before healing begins do it? Like an Olympic athlete seeing the jump perfect before getting airborne, does that work in the healing realm? What about hooking up to the Creator and being open for the flow through you into the patient? Is time involved or do we collapse time in healing people instantly? Marvelous questions for my mind to chew on, and we may be creeping up on some answers, but the mystery still remains.

       However, as Rumi said: "I have lived a life of prudent planning long enough! Now I shall go mad!!!" To me, this is to move into the great flow of life itself and let all the rest dissolve behind us, just as the past will, if we allow it. “Know Thyself” may take billions of lifetimes of distraction in order to tire us out so that we finally listen. But as we live in the moment, we open to the Universe. To be open without prejudice, without judgments, without opinions, now that is true freedom!

       Nearly 77 years old now, I look back over the years and feel blessed to have helped over 200,000 people reclaim their health. In my own life, I had to heal from cancer, diabetes, polio, and a devastating accident... all before I was 25. Now I can share a glimpse into my life of healing through my book.