C O P Y R I G H T E D   M A T E R I A L
A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D

From the Preface . . .

       I am a healer. Born one just before the roaring ‘20s stopped roaring and became the Great Depression. My great-grandfather in Scotland was a seer and healer of high standing so these inherited abilities must have passed on down through the bloodline. In this book, I will share my life and endeavor to explain healing from my point of view, as I have lived it. Through my words, I hope to inspire others who heal or wish to become healers, and to encourage those who are seeking to be healed, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. I am addicted to healing—always have been. To take away pain, to inspire people to change their habits to a more natural way of life, to see people soften and open to loving and being loved, these are the things that have filled my life with joy.

       Whatever I can do to facilitate healing on all levels is my purpose in this lifetime. When I flow healing energy, it lights me up inside because I see the wondrous possibilities for health and awakening inherent in each person. I touch the higher energy patterns within each person and fan the flames of Love, Joy and Happiness therein to awaken soul patterns. With this inspiration, lives change by opening to the Creator’s infinite possibilities. Thus, our world is changed forever.

       The healing energy that flows from my hands into and through people is a loving gift from the Creator, and I happily admit that I have enjoyed every moment of my many years in the healing arts. I cannot steer this energy; I can only pray that each person opens to receive whatever is for the highest good for all concerned. Each time I have the opportunity to bring this gift to others, I give thanks for the privilege of sharing this blessing . . .

       During healing sessions, I am a conduit for the “Power,” which is my name for the healing energy and the angels who guide me. The Power flows wherever needed to bring peace, harmony and balance to each patient. People come to see me for many varied reasons, and over the years, I have learned there are many levels of healing. The Power carefully calculates exactly what is needed for each person. Some are healed instantly and others more slowly, all according to a divine plan.

       In my mind, the goal of the healing that flows through me is soul growth. The ego personality is made up of wishes, wants and desires, all clamoring for fulfillment. But that is not why we are here. We are born into this physical body for soul growth and to balance the great book of life. It is my belief that we all carry our own healing with us as we walk our path through life. My purpose is to facilitate that healing to the extent allowed within each person’s karmic pattern and to awaken people to the higher aspects of life. For once touched by the Creator’s love, you, and the world as you know it, are forever changed. Your eyes see differently, your heart opens, and your horizons expand beyond all comprehension. Life simply begins living itself through you. God is . . . You are . . .