I think your writing is one of the dearest, sweetest, most honest and "human" expressions to let us all know that while we journey, we are never doing it alone. - M.L. San Anselmo, CA

I just finished your book and enjoyed it cover to cover. Full of vivid sights and smells (oranges), full of loving healing energy - it was a delight! - J.H., Danville, CA

I can't begin to put a price on Presence of Angels. It has become to me as a very dear friend, a comforter, a supporter and sustainer. - Dr. Judy Curtis, N.D., Grants, NM

Thank you for taking the time to write Presence of Angels. I have felt more peaceful and present since opening your book. Too often in my daily life I get caught up in what is happening in the world as presented by my five senses, and I forget to take the time to talk to God and ask for and acknowledge His loving assistance in every next moment. - Dr. Oliver Whipple, chiropractor, Polson, MT

It was as though the book was unfolding within me as I was reading... Don't know any other way to say it. I hated to see it come to an end -- the energy of it provided a daily "vibe upgrade" during the weeks I was reading it. - P.C., Palo Alto, CA

Your book was recommended to me as a 'must-read'! It is a remarkable book of an unusual and wonderful journey! I loved reading it, and could barely put it down! - K.R.L., Reiki Master, Philadelphia, PA

For the last two weeks, my wife and I have been fighting over who gets to read your book. I don't know if this has occurred to you, but you are following the teaching methods of Jesus of Nazareth--parables--except that yours are real people in real events. Thinking about the lady getting the drugs shot into her liver, it is amazing that people will die rather than upset their MDs. I too have seen that. - Dr Gordon Ainsleigh, chiropractor, Meadow Vista, CA

I finished reading your book under a huge tree by Lake Whatcom here in Bellingham, WA last summer. Your love poured out of the pages onto me. Tears rolled down my cheek uncontrollably from a feeling of pure joy and connectedness. How can I ever thank you - and Andrea, for taking on the task of writing this book? It is a jewel, as are you. H.M., Bellingham, WA

Thanks SO much for writing your book. I have enjoyed it SO much! I sent a copy to my mom and she is reading it - wow in itself... Those stories give me such hope and inspiration. I love to read all the miracles that you witnessed through your own hands. I just can’t tell you how much joy I have gotten from every page. Certainly your energy is in your books too - but I just feel so much happiness for the people and animals (!) that you cared for and healed. Amazing wonderful blessings! You have rippled joy through time that you most certainly won’t even be able to fathom until you see it from another perspective of our lives! - B.F., Whitefish, MT

I just turned the final pages of your book this morning. I am in such a blissful state of just BEing that I had to write and say thank you! I keep starting new sentences and erasing them. If we were together, you'd see me stammering with a look of joy on my face and a gleam in my eye! There's really nothing I can say to capture all the wonder and feeling and profundity that is your life, and that came across so beautifully in your book. I am deeply grateful to you, for all you've done for humanity and for writing this spectacular book -- which has touched me so deeply -- and which I am about to start reading for the second time! I'm also buying copies for my family and friends. It's the perfect gift of love and hope and lighthearted joy. - N.G., Goleta, CA

The humor, the wisdom, the healing - nothing less than remarkable! It reads like we're sitting across the table talking - love that - personal and friendly and familiar - yet experience/reality beyond what most of us can fathom. Your book will certainly be one of my great treasures! - N.F., Whitefish, MT

Your storytelling is priceless! And so are your jokes. Laughter is the perfect balm for the wounded. Plus laughter feels good and opens us up to more health and love! When you describe the Power working through you, I recognize something similar within myself. I feel like I'm a conduit for Universal Love Energy and get goose bumps when I feel "tapped in to the source." My desire to be in the healing field has been enriched by your example and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! - E.M, Hamilton, MT

. . . your book helps to prompt people beyond Karma - into the pool of wonder if they are willing to swim - and THIS is a true blessing. Thank you so much for writing the story. We so desperately need this calibre of information and sharing. It is a lonely road for so many of us - and to connect again in Spirit is a pure JOY. - K.J., San Mateo, CA

I feel like we are old friends now even though we have never met... I have been reading your book or should I say savoring it. Every chapter has some relevance for me...all I can say is "WOW!!" Every day and night wonderful experiences are unfolding. For instance when I read the early part of your book about your childhood/youth, I really resonated. It described my "knowing" dilemma that I never could reconcile while I was growing up. The angelic grid of consciousness that you are connected to, which is so gloriously vast, loving and powerful, came in and crowded around my bedroom and initiated me into this grid. It's like they interwove themselves into my cosmic family of consciousness. Then all night long they took me up into the fields of light within light and opened doorways upon doorways and expanded my consciousness and healing abilities beyond my ability to quantify it. - O.H., Beaverton, OR

Whenever I pick up your book, the energy (Power) begins to build in my hands and I can feel it pulsating and swirling... I'm going along for the ride! - J.L., Sun Valley, ID

I went to bed early and read your book. I read about miracles, prayers. I read about your having a brush with death. I put the book under my pillow... and prayed for energy to do God's work, for a healthy body, that the teachings of the book heal me thru the night... WOW. I woke up... and my energy is incredible! I've been working since 7:30am and I will continue to 7:30 tonight... Every moment is beautiful and wonderful. I haven't stopped smiling and laughing all day... I love your writings on laughter and joy. I close my eyes and I feel the energy that flows thru you to me and I feel lighter... Most of all, I feel home...like my true self....fully abundant, at peace, one, no worries, no fears of the future. - M.S., Whitefish, MT

I know I will not want to loan this to anyone and not have it in my own hands. You can be sure it will be read and reread over and over! It is having a tremendously positive impact on my life and I can not find the words to thank you enough!!! - J.D., Mt. Shasta, CA

I can't imagine a better gift for the people I love! - J.T., Taos, NM

One day I was feeling so happy that I actually asked myself, "Why am I feeling so happy? What has happened?" And I realized, "Ah....It's the book!" I feel a lot of energy from your picture on the cover; it's as though you're looking right inside me. - P.M., San Diego, CA

I have just this afternoon finished reading your book and I have to say that The Presence of Angels is one of the most amazing, uplifting accounts I have ever read anywhere! I didn't want it to end--and plan to go back and begin rereading my favorite parts. I have to tell you that yesterday morning while I was meditating with your book in my lap, I fell sound asleep--sitting upright in my favorite wooden chair!! And last night I fell asleep in bed holding your book--first at around midnight and slept soundly and without pain until 2:30 when I woke and read a bit more--then fell asleep again and slept soundly once more until this morning at almost 9 am. - C.F., Greenville, SC

It's like I'm being taken into the reality of a healer... a terrific narration. Your book is a must read for all healers. That it will become a classic is for me a certainty. After reading the book, the title Presence of Angels has a completely different impact on me. There is now a rich and deep meaning, a reality behind those words that was not present before I read the book. Your book will be touching, impacting and changing the lives and consciousness of so many people. - R.R., Petaluma, CA

What a truly inspiring gift your life has been. The more I learn about you, the more I learn about myself. It's amazing how you tell of one story here and another little recounting of a memory there and it sounds like just an amusing memory but there is just so much more in each, layers and layers that I can learn from if I allow myself to see it. Amazing and wonderful and really generous of you to share yourself like this. It's like being allowed into a secret room. Thanks for letting me in. - D.S., Stockton, CA

Almost finished your book--just like visiting with you--you have a best seller! Thank you for writing the book. Gonna help lots of people. - D.N, Paris, TX

Thoroughly, thoroughly, gratefully, gratefully... how much I’ve enjoyed this book. I finally finished it. It is all yellow highlighted, pages nicked for easy referral. It’s inspiring, and it’s poetic, and it’s loving. And I really, really feel the energies coming through. It’s so lovely. Bless you and the resources that you plucked from your life to reveal to us, especially the loving message in “Looking Forward” - it really touches my heart, in fact so much I want to cry. - A.V., San Francisco, CA

I LOVE this book. I've been reading New Age, Spiritual, Self-Help Healing books for 20 years now, that said, this book is magnificent. It's like Jim is right there talking with you. - L.S., Mill Valley, CA

Your book arrived today. It is wonderful! I started reading it and couldn't stop... Thanks, not only for being true to who you are and the gifts you have been given, but for sharing these so widely with so many of us. Having the book near at hand is a bit like having you nearby. - R.R., Idaho Falls, ID

I am thrilled to know that there are more (books) on the way as I find I don't want the book to end. Hearing your stories as well as those of so many others, has facilitated an expansion in my own heart. I also realize that I never properly expressed my appreciation for how you touched my life... How I view the world, this life, my part in it, all things seen and unseen... My meeting with you was a defining moment in my life and has continued to unfold and expand as I have come to know and love my spirit, and the energies of "all that is". I feel so deeply blessed and grateful that you actually found me, and extended your true care and healing gifts. That was the begining of my being able to both receive - and ask for help. Seems like a small thing, but was a major turning point in my life. It also called up a deep sense of responsibility to my spirit as well as the greater whole... I guess that I just want to share this with you as you never know how many lives you touch thru the ripple effect. - D.K., San Francisco Bay area

I LOVE your book! How interesting, and how inspiring! Am almost finished with the BOOK, and that means I can start reading it all over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for it! - J.K., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I have read almost 90% of the book and love it! I found the book a great help and inspiration and I am going to put it in my sister's mailbox without a note--It may be the kindest thing I have ever done for her. - K.C., Healdsburg, CA

I am about to start reading the book over again, this time with highlighter in hand... it's like a textbook to me in a way, all the basics of what I need to know in life are in that book. Granted, the sequel with fun things to do for oneself will be great, but Presence of Angels is the text. - J.L., San Jose, CA

Your book has opened doors for me. - J.H., Sedona, AZ

The book is Fantastic!!!!! It is the size of TWO books! I've just read the first two chapters, and it is hard to put down. I love the way it is written--as a story rather than as a scientific paper. - C.G., Silverdale, WA

I just loved the book and the chapter On the Shoulders of Giants was my favorite . . . I would have loved meeting them too. The thing I liked about your book the most was its clarity. Your voice was completely distilled and focused and intent. I think that is why some people are experiencing phenomena when they read your book. - K.H., San Francisco, CA

. . . found it very difficult to put down. However, when I did put it down for a while, I found a lot of what I had just read was going through my mind and probably doing it's healing in my computer/mind. I loved every page and had mixed feelings about finishing it, however it is nearby and I can pick it up at random and the right page turns up each time. - E.H., Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

I was so excited I immediately started reading it. It is so wonderful. I can't help it when tears of happiness course down my cheeks. I can see it was a book that had to be written and I thank God and all his angels for its happening. - M.T., Summerville, OR

It was a wonder for me to read and enjoy, inspired me to take myself more seriously as a channel. - S.S., Rancho Murieta, CA

I've been meaning to write to say how much I enjoyed your book. I read it last month, and it carried so much wonderful energy that I couldn't wait to go to bed every night to read the next part. I'm sure I'm not alone feeling like I couldn't get enough of your wonderful stories, and I really appreciate your taking the time to write them down. Gosh, I don't even need to wait for the tapes, because you've already succeeded in transmiting the energy through the book. Delicious. And if there's more in the works, I'll be looking forward to the next installment. - M.G., Ignacio, CA

My dear friend gave me a copy of your book, Presence of Angels. I looked forward each night to reading your fascinating story before sleeping. I'm sad because I finished your book. I know Spirit is nudging you to write another book. Have you begun? If yes, when will it be published? Thanks for sharing from your heart and for sharing your delightful sense of humor. - J.C., Bay Area, CA

It is such a wonderful book – wish I could give (it) to the whole world. It deserves every possible recommendation!! - J.H., San Jose, CA
Your book was full of wonderful lessons & stories. It was a pleasure to read it! Thank you! - K.H., Bellevue, IA

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book! You are a gifted story teller or maybe Andrea is a good recorder or both! Thank you for one of your many gifts to the world! - A.A., Lexington, VA